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Зріст 5'7" - 5'9" [170 см - 175 см]
Вага 160 - 180 фунтів [70 - 80 кг]
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Що мене збуджує
Super hot girls with real bad intentions, and for the reason that they love having sex all the time, with the feeling of desire and seduction.
Про мене
A super cool guy, in the field of sex, extasssy, and the right to exercise passion sex, with the most beautiful girls in the world.
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I curdle your blood with just one look 🌊
And there is no better man in the world than the one who tries to do everything for you ❤
It's more than love, after all. More than any passion.
This is more than a novel. It's hard to describe. 👄 💌
Yet, hard to believe that being surrounded by the most gorgeous sexy ladies of the world. Can be a desire that no one can't take away from me.